Energy Router™ Integrates Recycled Batteries for Grid Storage

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Indianapolis, Indiana (3/9/12) - Indy Power Systems has installed a 50kW, 15kWh energy storage System to reduce peaks in utility grid demand for Melink Corporation in Milford, OH. This patented System is the first-of-its-kind, blending and optimizing different types of batteries for grid storage, including a Li-ion battery pack and 5 different Lead-Acid battery packs. The 5 Lead-Acid battery packs are comprised of recycled (used) batteries that were returned in trade for new batteries that otherwise would have been crushed. Using a proprietary screening process, Indy Power Systems can sort out batteries with at least 75% of their original energy rating at approximately 33% of the cost of new batteries.

Indy Power Systems has developed two new technologies that enable the integration of recycled batteries: the Multi-Flex™ Energy Controller and the Multi-Flex™ Energy Router™. These two technologies combine to form a hardware and software System that can manage the flow of energy between any number of sources and loads, in either direction, regardless of voltage. The Multi-Flex™ Energy Controller and Energy Router™ System is also a key enabler for the transportation, alternative energy, and utility grid markets as it allows for the blending of different energy sources and loads to hit any price and performance target.

This System operates daily providing electrical energy to the Grid when Melink Corporation’s heat pumps kick in and energy use peaks. This effectively lowers utility grid usage by approximately 15 kW for an hour each business day. The system recharges either during the day when solar energy production exceeds energy usage, or at night when energy use is low.  The System is also scaleable and upgradeable, allowing additional storage to be added as desired.  “We look forward to expanding the System by adding battery pack modules in the near future” states Steve Melink, President of Melink Corporation.

Steve Tolen, President of Indy Power System states “Steve Melink has a vision of a reduced energy footprint and has invested in products to increase energy conservation, improve energy efficiency and generate renewable energy. We are proud to play a small role assisting Melink Corporation in achieving these goals”. “Our System operates autonomously, but also interfaces with Melink’s M-Power energy management system, allowing Melink Corporation, to charge or discharge as desired within certain parameters.” A picture of a portion of the System is on the right.

About Melink Corporation
Melink, founded in 1987 by Steve Melink, is one of the leading providers of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) products and services for restaurant, supermarket, and retail chains. Their Intelli-Hood® controls are one of the most popular energy-saving technologies in the foodservice industry, while their national, certified Testing & Balancing services are considered the industry standard. The company is an Ohio success story having grown to serve many of the largest chains in the U.S. and the world, as well as, is a leader in the green building movement. For additional information, see

About Indy Power Systems
Indy Power Systems, founded in 2007, is a leader in energy management systems. The patented Multi-Flex™ and Energy Router™ technology can blend and optimize energy for utility grids, Microgrids and alternative energy systems. Their Redundant Array of Inexpensive Batteries creates the lowest cost battery storage for utility grid and other applications. For additional information, see

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