Microgrid Systems

Our Microgrid System has been operating autonomously for a year performing alternative energy storage and peak shaving functions. This system is the first to integrate used batteries in a commercial storage application. This system blends used Lead-Acid batteries for energy, and a new Li-ion battery for power. Press the video play button for a system tour.


The Multi-Flex™ is Indy Power System's hardware platform for the precise allocation of energy, in either direction, as dictated by the Energy Router™. Our Multi-Flex™ hardware is the modular and scalable power electronics backbone of our all of our systems. For solar and wind applications, Maximum Peak Power Tracking (MPPT) functions can be embedded.

Energy Router™

The Energy Router™ is hardware, firmware, and software that can intelligently manage and optimize multiple sources and loads, including third party systems. The Energy Router™ can be programmed to perform multiple functions such as peak shaving and it can allocate energy to and from storage and alternative energy sources.

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The Energy Router™ and Multi-Flex™: technologies for the intelligent and precise management of energy.

Halo Series™ Battery Cyclers

Halo Series™ Battery Cycling equipment leverages our ability to intelligently and accurately manage energy. As new battery technology is developed, testing and validation is needed by battery manufacturers, end users, and testing facilities. The Halo Series™ was designed to recycle energy into battery packs rather than push energy on and off the grid.  This reduces the cost to install, maintain, and operate battery cyclers.

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Microgrid Management System

Indy Power Systems’ Microgrid Management System can blend and optimize multiple sources of alternative energy and storage such as solar arrays, wind turbines, batteries, generators and/or the utility grid. Our Microgrid Systems are scalable and upgradeable so you have the flexibility to expand or integrate new technology when available.

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Grid Storage Systems

Our battery storage systems are able to integrate any type of battery in the market. In addition, we can integrate multiple types into one system to leverage the unique cost and performance of each battery chemistry and to hit cost and performance targets. We can blend power and energy batteries, new and used. Our RAIB storage can integrate used Lead-Acid batteries that contain over 75% of the energy capacity of new batteries at 33% of the cost.

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